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How to update your kitchen and what is the real cost?

Fed up of your tired, dated kitchen? Not quite ready for a full refurbishment? Then just a little TLC can go along way in giving you years more out of a defunct kitchen!

Take a look at the kitchen on the right pictured above, modern, clean and rejuvenated, this kitchen makeover cost a mere £561.

Amazing right? But how? Where do I spend and what can I save?

First and possibly the most Essential Replacement had to be an attractive new, clean countertop.

Here we opted for this marble effect bushbord with a more square profile for a contemporary feel costing an impressive £169 with delivery from a great online company called kitchens in-stock

On a budget this is a great durable option that really looks the part and we absolutely love this product!

Next, the oak laminate doors had to be brought into the modern world, this is where options widen (and so can your budget!) you could have new replacement doors and cupboard fronts or even custom cut to size finished wood but a very cost effective way to re-use what you already have is a full professional respray, this is a great option if time is something you don't have, check out local companies in your area like Prestige UPVC spraying.

For this project we choose to paint ourselves, again wanting to keep the costs as low as possible, we removed the doors before applying a base coat and painting in a stunning on trend sage colour, the cost for this was £60, it did however take a few days work because at least 3 coats are needed for durability.

Already we are looking "Instagram" fresh! For the finishing touches that can really Bluff that new kitchen appearance, copper handles add that touch of rustic lux but can still be expensive especially if lots are needed, so we sprayed the original handles and gave them a light dusting of copper foil leaf.

We also choose to swap out the sink for this gorgeous little black resin number Costing a Bargain £89 from

and replacing the dated taps with a cool copper mixer and finally a glass splashback for the cooker.

So there you have it, A new sparkling kitchen for the grand sum of £561! Of course this makeover will only last so long, nothing beats that new fitted kitchen feeling with custom units bespoke to your unique space but when the cost of this is an average £8000 in the UK, this is a great option for anyone looking to string out a few more years out of a fitted kitchen. We haven't included labor, this is just a rough guide for your comparison but the overall finish of professional fitting makes all the difference and can save you from any costly mistakes. We also added new flooring which is an additional cost to factor in if you can't make do with the existing floor coverings. Speak to our team about countertop, sink and floor fitting, door hanging and bespoke carpentry and of course when you're ready for that showroom new fitted kitchen, give Atkinson's of Cheshire a call for your free tailored quote, we work with the very best suppliers and are experienced kitchen fitters.

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  • Prices correct at time of publish, Atkinson's of Cheshire are not paid nor influenced by any third-party companies.

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