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When our team got a big thank you from a happy client!

Having worked with local firm Shadow Foam in the past and on their recent new unit build in Anderton, our guys were in

for a surprise!

Shadow Foam supply foam inserts for toolboxes so were naturally interested in our team’s slick set up. We have really

organized racking in our vans into which we can easily slide in our tool systems when we go out on jobs, and it does look

pretty impressive.

Blown away by this, but knowing what a big improvement they could make to the protection and organisation of the tools

inside the boxes, Jonathan the MD at Shadow Foam offered to kit out the lad's boxes with foam inserts.

Obviously we’re a busy team and so the work would need to be done overnight so the guys could have their tools back for the next day.

Not a problem, said Shadow Foam, though we think they were a bit surprised when we left them with 17 toolboxes to get kitted out with Festool Systainer inserts!

As you can see, what we got back were impeccably organised kits as you can see from the fun film they made starring our team.

The inserts meant that everything was now easy to find, didn’t roll around or get damaged, and was easily identified as missing when the team pack up at the end of the day on site.

The idea is that in the long term this will save us time and money in protecting and not losing or damaging our tools, so what a lovely gift for the team to give us. Thank you Guys!

Here's the info-

Watch the full video here!

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